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Saturday was a 90 minute run, but instead I hike 5.4 miles at Starved Rock. Boy, were there a lot of stairs. At one point 155 straight stairs that I attempted to jog up. I made it to the last landing and then walked the last short flight. boy, were my thighs burning.

Starved Rock is a pretty cool place. We hike almost 5.5 miles there. Enjoyed some beautiful scenery and cool canyons fromed from limestone cliffs. May have to go back inthewinter time and see the eagles.

Sunday was another hike through parts of Mathiesson State Park for about 2.25 miles. Not as long but just as awe-inspiring. Overall it was a great weekend. Spent it with the Elliotts minus Kayla and Ally and Chris. My kids once again absent.

I got a lot of good legwork in and do not feel that I cheated my training any. Monday I am going to try and fit (ok, choose a better word) not fit, try to do a workout for 45 minutes or so.

I got alot of work to do before the 21st. I do feel I will do well in Alaska. I know the marathon is hilly and 7 miles of it are trail, but I believe a 4 hour marathon is possible. It may be 4:59, but that is still 4 hours.

I'll give my ultimate goal later.

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Great job, dude. Keep it up.