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Last Saturday training run

Yepper, the "last" Saturday training run.
No more training runs - finish, nada, done, out o' here!!!

Lake of the Woods for a 60 minutes run there abouts last Saturday. I ran 4 miles in a very slow and comfortable pace. A 12 minute pace.

Got a few final words of encouragement from my fellow team mates and coach.

I have trained more this season than any other. I trained almost every Wednesday and Saturday.

Wednesday - tough but great track workouts.
Saturday - building up the mileage.

They have helped.

The Indy mini was almost 12 minutes faster (11:53 to be exact) than last year.
My mile time has decreased from last years best of just over 8 minutes (which I broke this year about 3 weeks) and have now bettered to a 7:07 (last week). A great personal best.

I hope next year (or this year) to do more and break the 2 hour mark for a half.

Here are some goals for the upcoming year -

Mile (1600) - 6:00
5k - 21:00
10k - 50:00
Half - 2:00:00
Full - 3:59:59.99 (yes, break 4 hours)

These are lofty. They truly are. But one feels that I am capable. He has spouted out on numerous occasions that I have the ability to run like this. How he knows, I have no idea. I hav always doubted the man, mainly due to my self doubt. But I am starting to believe.

Sorry, Hook for doubting you. Thank you bro.

I also have another that believes as well. She has never specified times or abilities like Hook, but she doesn't know alot about my past running or lack thereof. She just believes in me.

Thank you Ally.

And now me - Alaska this weekend. My bib number (if they have online tracking) is 842. I hope to place 800 or better. I also hope to run under 5 hours. I knowthat is not news. I have always said that a 4:50 or so should be doable.

Stay tuned for my real prediction and my ultimate goal.

Thanks to all.

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Ally said...

I will be there cheering you on in mind and sole and body waiting for your return. You will do GREAT!!!

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Good luck, bro'. Time for the payoff for all your hard work. The journey is the thing my friend, so even if it's not your day, you've accomplished a lot. I personally think 4:45 is doable, but I'll be happy for you when you break 5.

Ally said...

You head on your journey only hours from now. Your mind is in the right place, your legs are ready to go, your heart is mine forever. See yourself crossing that finish line satisfied with whatever time you get and knowing you've done your best this time.