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Tonite's the Night

It's going to be alright....

with all due respect to Pink, Janet Jackson, Yoyo, Wallflowers, Rod Stewart, Neil Young, The Shirelles and Emma Bunton (and anyone else that recorded this song). Tonight is going to be alright.

I will be starting my serious running training - no matter what the excuse or whatever else needs done. I will either run around the farm or be on the treadmill. Most likely on the treadmill - there is still a ton o water around. Or done the half mile lane and back a few times.

Bad thing about the lane is all downhill from the house - making it all uphill to finish. Crap!!!

Tom (a friend of mine) has been in some serious training the last few months and I need to catch up. We re both running the Indy half marathon in May. In a drunken, I-am-better-than-you-are, stupor last year there is a $100 bet on the finish. Both of us are too vain, egomaniacal, hard-headed, prideful, or just plain ol stubborn to relenquish the wager. War is on.

So, while he has been 75% deligently training, I have been giving it my full 20%. I need to step it up. and tonight's the night - aww yeah!!!!!

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Ally said...

Go baby Go!! Think of any incentive to keep you moving...just let me know!! ;)

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

WHAT SHE SAID!!....without the obvious sexual undertones. :) Good luck bro. go get em.