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Wow, I month seen I have posted. I surprised I haven't heard about this. Well, I have run all the required Saturday runs since the last time I blogged. I have been doing ok. My knee still tends to aggravate me on a schedue of it's own choosing.

Last night was the first track practice session that I have gone too. It is at the Armory.

a nice short track.
200 meters.
makes you dizzy.

We ran 4 laps of warmups - 1/2 haf mile and then 60 seconds all out. Well, I wasn't running all out. How could I go on after that? But I did put forth great effort.

Our last lap was balls to the wall. I'd been trailing this chick all night hanging behind her (telling myself it was so I could watch the sashay of her ass when in reality it was all I could do to keep up). Forget her name but she is there every Saturday just jogging and chatting with her friend. How can you jog and chat? I can jog and gasp for air.

So last lap, the ol' brotherhood pride reared it's ugly head and totured my mind with its unrelenting hounding of my inability to defeat this better, stronger, younger athlete. We took off and by turn 2 I was matching her stride for stride in the outside lane. As we came upon the backstretch, I was passing her and I heard her sigh. I knew I had it. I started to celebrate and slowed, then I heard her footsteps. Why couldn't she admit that I wasn't going to lose?

My brotherhood pride moved my legs even faster and my belly started to retch. Coming into the homestretch my coach is shaking her head, yelling out the time and calling me a sandbagger. Me, I am looking around for oxygen.

It was a good run. Here's what we did.
4 laps warmup
1.5 laps fast
2 laps recovery
1.3? laps fast
2 laps recovery
1.25 laps fast
1 lap recovery
1.25 laps fast
1 lap recovery
1 lap all out
3 laps cooldown

Total maybe 19.3 laps or close to 2.5 miles. But rough miles.

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Ally said...

Good job honey! I know you were worn out, but you also felt good getting through it and going. I knew it was that girls ass you were watching...

Tony "the big fat loser" said...


way to get after it on the track, friend.