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Mountain Goat 15k

Today was the Mountain Goat runs.

5k loop of hills.
215 feet of downhills.
215 feet of UPHILLS!!!!

My calves were screaming at me. You idiot. You are you doing to us.
You haven't trained for this. You fool. and so on.

I heard them, well I felt them. Oh, how did I feel them. But I ingored it best as I could.

Pain. Phew!!

I run through pain like it was a wet tissue.
Then I go home, curl up in the fetal position, and cry like a little baby.

But I persevered and finished. Possibly in world record time. Ok, maybe a personal best. If my time was correct then 95 minutes - 10:12/mile. If a correction is necessary I will make it if it makes me look better.

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Ally said...

Way to go sweetheart! I'm glad you got yourself there and did it! Sorry I wasn't there to meet you at the finish line.

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

GREAT JOB, BOY. I'm very proud of your perserverance.