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Biscuit/Plate joiner

What's the DIFFERENCE???

They look the same.
They do the same job.
They use the same cutting blade.
They make the same shaped hole.

So, what is the difference, you ask.
About $100...
100 greenbacks...
a C-note...
half a days pay (gross pay)

That's all.

On a grander note, it is the start of Football playoffs here in Illinois. The might Spartans of Saint Joseph-Ogden host the Eagles of Rockfor Christian Life. The Eagles are 5 - 4 (as they usually are). A small independent Christian school that should pose no challenge the Spartans this year.

The Spartans are appearing in their 17th consecutive playoff year and hopefully will follow that journey to the state championship. Check here each week for my prediction for the week.



btw... if you squeeze something hard enough it makes noises... ega

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