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waddle on...

John "the Penguin" Bingham is an inspiration to many runners. Mostly slow runers like myself, but I can imagine a good amount of fast runners read his column as well. He is very knowledgeable and entertaining in his columns. And from just reading one now, I wanted to give an excerpt to something I found to be very inightful....

Running on the wrong side of the tracks
I've run over 30 marathons, so I'm not a rookie. I've read most of the training programs out there. I know the names of all the workouts. I know about building mileage and tapering and having a race strategy. But no one EVER mentioned what to do if you're stopped by a train during a marathon.

Here's the scene: Portland, Oregon on as pretty a day for running a marathon as you can imagine. Crisp air, blue skies.... read the complete column here -

Anyway, I liked it and so should you.

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