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Land of the Lost

Yea, I waited, had doubts, and no it is gone.
No more acreage...
No more chillin...
No more hammock drinking lemonade being waited on hand and foot...
No nakedness outdoors...

Wait, stop that!! I can still go outdoors naked in the city. That's right, it is my right.

Well, you wait, you mull things over and you contemplate the pros and cons. And when it doesn't work out then it wasn't meant to be. That is what I have... stike that. That is what I believe. There is a place for me to callmy own somewhere. Maybe it just isn't in the state of Illinois. Maybe I am destined to be a Montanian. Yea, I am a MONTANIAN!!!

Just doesn't ring right does it. Back to the drawing board so to speak.

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