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little late

Well, daily postings are late, so are weekly postings. Maybe I can keep up with a monthly posting. Who knows.

Land, land, land...that's all I can think about. I am going to make an offer on some land. 20 acres of land. It isn't exactly where I want to be, but land s hard to find in small parcels like this. Sure if I want 80, 147 or more I can find it. Or teeny pieces like an acre or 2 or 3. But I need 10 or more and this 20 spot is nice. So make an offer make I will, says Yoda.

Running...haven't started. Want to? Yes. Maybe I can try by walking first.

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Stoooopid delete button. :-) Get off your caboose and run, boy, run. Allerton Park is going to be your waterloo if you don't train a bit. Is this the parcel we've talked about?

Running Around Acres said...

Yes, this is the piece we have talked about. But we need to keep the location super-duper double agent secret. Can't have people all over the world knowing about it. Specially my mom, she might want to visit or something.;)