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I did not start

Had a race on Sunday, in Allerton Park, at 11:00 am. Or so thought I. 10:35am arrives my entourage and me. Race over. Apparently, it started at 9 am. The first race I have missed.

That was too to be my new beginning, my entry to a new sunrise, a new millenium, a new vision. Oh well, so much for new.

Been a busy week. Some stroking here and there and had my ears lowered drastically. She even trimmed my eyebrows, cut the hair out of my ears and massaged my head for 5 minutes. I was in heaven. Not quite but it felt really good. I can understand why women go to thrse salons to be pampered.

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Ally said...

Ownership of the "t-shirt" will bring back memories of this be the last race ever missed due to time deficiencies.

Honey, there are reasons only us women will ever know as to why we like going to the spa! The experience you had getting your head rubbed is only the tip of the experience....tee hee!! True pampering starts at home...don't send us elsewhere to get it.