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Well, 2012 is over. The fools that thought they could read Mayan calendars were wrong. The meek have not inherited the earth. 2012 was a year of ups and downs. Some really bad downs and some really good ups especially at the end of the year. Running - virtually non-existent.

2013 - I am thinking will be good. I have goals again. Personal, work, and in running. Mostly running. I started the year off right by running today. Not when I wanted too, but when I was able. Inside, on the treadmill, but 3.1 miles are in the book. It was rough, it has been a long time. But now, 4 hours later I feel good. Happy.

Personal Goals -

  • Start working on the house again. At least finish one room completely. Now a lot of this depends on the almighty greenback and with the economy so very uncertain, who knows. I bought some stain today and that is a start.
  • Lose weight. I think I am at an all time high of xxx lbs. Way too much.
  • Get in shape. I specifically want to be able to do 20 pull-ups.
  • Fix the care. It needs brakes, rotors, alignment, tune-up, passenger side mirror and rear taillight. It really wobbles when the brakes are used. Even the gf seems afraid to drive, well not drive, just stop.
Work Goals -

  • A raise would be nice. But then I do not control that. 
  • Finish projects on time.
  • Create better documentation.
  • Work far less hours. I need to remember that I am salary. I do not need to donate 10+ hours a week to the company. I receive nothing for it. 
Running Goals -

  • New PRs
  • 5k - sub 24 mins
  • half marathon - sub 2 hour
  • marathon - well some goals should be secret
  • Mileage - lots and lots. I would still like to run 1000 miles in a year. Only 997 more to go.
Race Goals - (races I want to run this year)

There are many more but it is late and I am getting tired. I will do another post with all the races set.

See ya and happy running in 2013.

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