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Day 2 of 2013

Run this morning? Are you kidding me? My legs were barely able to get me to the shower. They did not hurt, they were just dog tired. So off to work I went. For half a day.

Don't get excited, the other half wasn't a lot of fun. Just suffice it to say I am glad that it is over. I worked from home the second half of the afternoon and got a lot done. More than if I would have been in the office.

I think might be a lot of my running for awhile. I cannot find my cold weather, moisture-wicking gloves, hat to wear outside. Besides that it was 5 degrees this morning. But another 3.101 miles is done in just over 30 minutes again.

9.47 pace today and 9.44 yesterday. Not bad for no running in months for this out of shape old man.

First race of the year is coming up this weekend. Most likely it will be a survival run for myself and Mr. Elliott (old running buddy). The Siberian Express is run no matter the weather. If I can survive it, no more races until March (when the temperature should be back in the 30s.

Until then folks, keep on chugging along. And remember, as Calvin said we are all perfect just the way we are...

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