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Day 3 & 4 of 2013 and the Siberian Express

Day 3 and 4 were pretty much like days 1 and 2 as far as running were concerned. Inside. Treadmill. 3.1m about 30 minutes. Ho Hum

Saturday will be major test of my new found where did it go, stamina. I will be running (ok surviving) the Siberian Express. This is a, no-matter-what-the-weather race. Trails, 7.6 miles. One great big hill. Lots of little hills. No aid stations. And after the first 300 people trampled the ground it should be quit slippery. A race I have not run in years.

A friend of mine is running as well. He has not run in years. It should be fun. Can't wait for the after run beer. I hope it will be cold. Did you read that Susan - cold. Don't leave it too close to the car heater. LOL!!

Race report to come later.

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

people that love you will be with you, in person and in spirit!

Joanna said...

Don't be hard on yourself about stamina. Start out slow. If I can return to running, so can you.

Michael Astrosky said...

I'm not. I just know how out of shape I am in.