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A Little Hill Run

This morning I took a drive through the country to the Forest Glen Nature Preserve. The farmers were cultivating fields, the fog was just starting to burn off and the ducks were busy munching on grasshoppers. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The deer were meandering across the grassy knolls.

I was at Forest Glen for a practice run of their 5 mile trail race. I met the race director and his friend (another Mike), a Brian (training for Chicago and from my alma mater), and a new runner, Sue. Brian and Mike will both be doing the 50k (yes, 31 miles on hills. Are these people freakin nuts?). The RD went slow for me. This is a tough course. A Very Hilly course. A crazy hilly course.the screen shots are from my Garmin uploaded to RunningAhead.

The faint line on right is the Illinois state line
Crazy elevation - 2411 feet of ascent

It is beautiful terrain even while gasping for each ragged breath. This race is in 3 weeks. I hope to be ready.

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Joanna said...

My first thought was, "really, how hilly could it be, it's Illinois!" but dang, you weren't kidding! That's one tough course! At 3 weeks out there isn't a whole lot you can do, but hit those hills as best you can in the coming week or so. You'll be fine.