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Head up, eyes on the horizon.

Head up, eyes on the horizon.
Stolen from an article I read in Men's Health magazine about Aaron Rodgers. A great article about possibly the best quarterback in the NFL. Read it here. (and I am not a Packer fan)

But let us think about those six words...about that small statement.
            Head up - simple enough. Keep your head up to see where you are going. Keep your head up to keep your body in better alignment. Keep your head up to stay positive about yourself and life.
                               Eyes on the horizon
Eyes forward, on the horizon to give you a sense of direction, to keep you moving forward, helping stay positive in seeing your goal and reaching it. 

Reading that article - it was about fitness, about complete body fitness. Not about lifting heavy weights. But more about keeping your head, your eyes, your mind on the goal. Being able to multi-task to complete your objective. To complete your goals. 

It made me think a little about myself, of who I am, of how I got here and where I want to go. While I will not make a diary entry here, I am here because of all the decisions I have made in the past. Decisions that were not always with my head up or eyes on the horizon. Some of those were made with very cloudy eyes or a very fogged up brain with my head hanging low. Decisions that I had to live with, decisions that shaped me into who I am. 

I have always tried to be good to people. I think VGFatBoy and JoannaRuns will attest that I try to be good. And I believe I am good. I have my eyes on the horizon. Sometimes it takes the people around me to lift my chin and point my eyes back in the correct direction, but that is why they are my friends. 

To all of you reading this, head up, eyes on the horizon. I hope mine will always be there with help from you.

And keep reading in the near future to catch a glimpse of my horizon. It is breathtaking.

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Joanna said...

I've been spotty on keeping up on blogs--sorry for that. You have never been anything but good to me. Keep your head up.