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Inaugural Illinois Marathon


right now weather is predicted to be 39 - 60 degrees (Fahrenheit to my Canadian bloggers)
well, that was the prediction at 6:30 this morning.
now it is - 

The field is full. I think they capped it at 1500 marathoners, 2500 halfers, but I really have no idea. 

Ok, I know what all of you want. You want to know my prediction times. Well, you gotta wait. They are coming. I am told patience is a virtue. Be virtuous. I have other items first.

First, and most importantly, I will be running with my TNT friends. Yes, I am a Team in Training alumni. I will be wearing my purple shirt. TNT is a wonderful group of people that raise funds to help battle blood cancers. When you see the purple, yell and scream. Let them know you appreciate what they have done.

Secondly, I have started a new blog to write about what might be becoming an obsession for me. Boston. Not the city, but the marathon. I am having fantasies about running it. Now, I could raise money and get in without running a qualified time. But isn't that cheating?

To qualify correctly, I need to run a 3:30 marathon. My PB is a 4:55 in Anchorage last June. Anchorage is a tough course. It is a hilly course. I think Saturday I will run faster. To check out this new blog go to Boston Will Be My Be-atch.

Alright, here is what you want. My prediction. 

First history - 
Air Force marathon - 2005 - 5:47:12
Chicago marathon - 2005 - 5:30:59
Mayor's marathon - 2008 - 4:55:05

2005, no training, I just kind of went for it. @008, I trained two days a week, but not very hard. This year my training was mostly two days a week. A really hard speed session and my long runs. 


4:15 - 4:45
Yea, I 30 minute spread. Which means I 4:30 is what I am looking at. A 4:15 would really be awesome. Fantastic. Freakin. Boston here I come (after dropping another hour)
A 4:30 should be very doable.
A 4:45 - ok, disappointment would be on my face here. But it would still be a PR.

4:29:59 or better. 
See ya on the 50 yard line of Memorial Stadium.

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TNTcoach Ken said...

There's no disappointment in running! I like the 30 minute spread. Good luck with that Boston thang!

Carly said...

Good luck! Dropping over an hour off the marathon time is amazing!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Good luck and have fun!

Marlene said...

Good luck!

Heather said...

Good luck!

Found your blog searching for Illinois Marathon.