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Illinois marathon

Is in the books. 

My attempt was great considering the calf tremors and pain the last 9 miles or so. My calves would just ripple and then pain would set in. It was weird. Never had anything like that happen before. But the pain was intense enough that I had to stop running and walk.

But I finished. I even PR'd by almost 4 miuntes. And I was only off my slow estimate time by 7 minutes. It was still good. 

Ate afterward with friends. Ally son put me in a hot tub type bathtub to soak and have the water jets soothe my aching muscles. Only half the jets worked, but they were the half on my side. She did leave me to sleep in the tub though. Hmmmh!!!

She took me to dinner later, let me drinks a few beers and back to the hotel for sleep. She was good.

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Marlene said...

Congratulations!!! Nice PR!

Totally bizarre about the calf pain - could it have been cramping from dehydration?

Happy Recovery!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Stick a fork in it and sounds like you also! Figure out the calf thing and get ready for the next race. Greta job!

Heather said...

Congrats on the PR!