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After marathon healing

All healed.

Well maybe not. Legs just feel tired but walking is ok. Stairs are still an issue - why didI buy a 2 story farmhouse?

No track practice tonite. My summer team just doesn't get into my plyometrics, intervals or speedwork.

I might try running tonite. I might not.

WARNING! WARNING! Non running related info.
One of the Universities vet med classes is coming out to the farm tonite for a demostration on acupuncture for larger animals. They will be using one of my goats and a horse that one of the students board at my place. Should be pretty cool. I'll have pics and video later.
Non related running info over. Resume normally running reading.

Next event for me is the Indy half marathon in 3 weeks. Hope for a PR there as well. Last year 2:16:49. Cutting a good 8 minutes would be nice. I'll have to see how the legs feel.

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Rural Runner E said...

I have been trying to get into the INDY race myself for the past 3 years....something always comes up. It is one of the three races I REALLY want to are one lucky runner. I am jealous. Good luck.