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Title makes you think I have been busy these last two months. Running all the time, stretching and working out.

Well, I have been not exactly that busy. Though I have been busy.
I haven't run a stitch in two months.

The kitchen is 87% done. 2 lights left and the base trim needs done. Still trying to decide on how to do the wall tile yet.

I have been thinking about running again. Not that thinking about it makes me any faster or stronger. On the other hand the Las Vegas marathon is December 7, which would give me 14 weeks to get ready. If that is a goal then track practice would be a good start tomorrow. Man, what to do?

On a brighter note, TNT alumni will be congregating at the farm on Sunday to rehash theirs races. Telling about their experiences, sharing pictures and generally having a good time.

As soon as I find the cable to my camera I will be able to upload pictures of Alaska. Wait those are on the laptop. Let me put some up.

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