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New job

I have been busy courting a new job and I started the job today as well. It was a typical new day boring day. Settle in, meet and greet, look busy.

Tmorrow will be different - installing an MS server product.

Anyway, have not really ran since Alaska. Have been moving alot, installing flooring, kitchen cabinets and electrical work at the house. but Wednesdy I will be back at the track for practice.

I sure it will kill me. But I also need to train when I am not training for an event. It will keep me at a level of semi fitness.

Next April is the inaugural Illinois marathon which I will run. Hopefully in the 4:30 range. I know 25 minutes better than Alaska. But flatter and hopefully with better training under my soles.

Here is the link to my Alaska pictures. I will get around to adding captions sometime.

I'll write after track practice and try to keep this up to date.

As a very funny man says, "Waddle on"

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