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R. I. P. Kickapoo

One of my favorite places to run is in Kickapoo State Park, but our esteemed Governor has deemed it not necessary to suport that park any longer will close it in November 2008 to the public.

Frack!!! now what am I going to do. I feel really bummed out by this.

Here is a list of the other state parks on the cutting board. You will notce there is not one in the Chicago area or suburbs. Why not, you villianous creature?
The following Illinois State Parks will close effective November 1:

Castle Rock State Park, Oregon

Lowden State Park, Oregon

Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park, Sheffield

Illini State Park, Marseilles

Channahon Parkway State Park, Channahon

Gebhard Woods State Park, Morris

Hidden Springs State Forrest, Strasburg

Kickapoo State Park, Oakwood

Moraine View State Park, Leroy

Weldon Springs State Park, Clinton

Wolf Creek State Park, Windsor

I will buy the park from the state for $1000. Seems like a fiar price for something that is not worthy of a citizen of the greater Chicago area.

Damn you, Rod!!!

Frack it!!!

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