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Weekend Wrapup

I ran with the group on Saturday. Took it extremely easy. Cannot believe how easy I took it. Awesome.

Ran the first 2.4 miles (west out and back) at a 10:30 pace. Sat around and poured drinks for runners. Then ran the east out and back (3.7 miles) with a run/walk runner preparing for Disney 2009. Took it easy with her chatting about what it is like to run a marathin. Pitfalls of starting to fast, controlling excitement and taking gels.

It felt good to be out there running. I really think it is a soothing experience for me.

Also had the guys out on saturday night to watch a hard fought, sometime painstaking loss to Missouri. It was a great time.

Sunday saw a cookout with some of the TNT members from the summer season. That was a good time as well.

spent monday with Allyson's family at Polywogs (Oakwood) for some boating, food and plain old relaxation (for me that meant reading - for them playing dominoes).

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

I enjoyed Saturday night, also. Glad to see you bakc and running, bro'.