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Time to start again

I think it is time to start again. Start blogging, start reading blogs, start running, start working on my house, my yard. Just start.

It has been a good few months. Thanks to those that have made it so.

So, why did I leave?

Injury, personal issues, mental issues. But all those now seem to be resolved. My neck seems 99% healthy, my belly has grown to twice it's size since Sept 2011, my shoe size has gone up another size, my skin has tanned and my hands and fingers are all cut and bruised and all but one goat are gone (and he will be soon).

After getting injured and not being able to run St. Jude's or Disney I was really despondent for awhile. I tried running on New Year's Day and made it the one mile that I tried. Nothing hurt, and for 2 months afterwards I ran.

Then I got mental.
Not normal - well maybe crazy is normal in this mixed up world.

So I worked on getting uncrazy. It took time. Beer. Friends. But eventually, I think I have it under control. A little.

I ran. Once. A race. 5 miles. Buffalo Trace. I was 22nd in my age group. People were proud of me. Next year I get to run with the 50 year old kids. They will still kick my ass.

I bought new shoes. Bright green ones. (not sure these are the exact ones, but close)

Too bad they did not come in yellow. It was also the biggest Dick's store I have ever been in. And I ate at Joe's. I haven't worn the shoes to run in since buying them. But they appear to be broken in now from the yard work.

I have been camping a few times, been to a few ball games (Go CARDS!!!), learned how to stand up on a wake board (in water while being pulled by a boat). On that note, I got rid of the boat  had been storing fro a year.

I hired a new employee. I have more reporting/documentation to do. Yuck!!! :)

Now to find a marathon to train for. Or maybe just start running and see what happens. St. Jude's would be an option, Goofy Challenge would be nice, St. Louis RnR would be fun, Indianapolis would be close and Wisconsin Dells (and they give out some swag)  if I wanted to go north.

Or shorter runs would be easier to complete and train for - Villa Grove Ag Days 5k, Mahomet half marathon and 5k, Staci's 5k, Shoreline Classic 15k/5k, Wild Wilderness 7.45m, Wooly Worm 5k,  Forest Glen Trail run (which I am signed up for the 5 mile race), Allerton Park Trail 5.5m, 2012 Run for the Library.

A lot of running could be done -
if I was in shape
if I was motivated
if I wasn't overweight
if my beer drinking wasn't in the way
if I could see my feet
if I could ever finish this list

Well, stay tuned and let's see what happens, see who chides me, berates me, taunts me, dares me to strap on a pair and get going.

Let's get READY to RUUMMMBLE!!!!!!

- the beginning of the end

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Lisa said...

welcome back!

vgfatboy said...

Hey man...good to see you putting down words.

Joanna said...

Sorry things got rough, but I'm glad you're back. I vote for StL-RnR! I'm not running it, but my house makes a good runner dorm and I'd come cheer.