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Rough Weekend

Well, the weekend is over.
Phew!!! As some would say after smelling beer burps.

It was hot. It was really hot. I got sun burnt. I got wind burnt. But it was a good time on the lake Saturday.
A really good. I wakeboarded, I tubed, I just rode in the boat and looked good. :)

Then the trouble started. The boat wouldn't run right. It coughed. It sputtered. It died. Not good. I can't swim. But we limped back and believe it is just a bad fuel filter. Find out tonight when I replace it.

Oh, and did I mention that the boat wouldn't start in the morning. I almost forgot. The battery needed replaced. Simple.

And Sunday morning pleasant - not really. Burned up the plug for the RV. I need to replace that tonight so I can return the RV.

So tonight is busy, busy, busy.

Hoping to get some running in this week to get started again. Still thinking about what races to run and what marathon might be good to train for. Maybe people should vote for what I run? Then I can set a time goal, people can choose their own and see who is closet.

Good idea or not?

And the shoes from yesterday are wrong. I have Brooks Glycerin 9 pictured below.

-the beginning of the end

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