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Training and fund raising

Training is going good. I hit my scheduled runs last week except for the 8 miler on the weekend. instead I spent part of the day traipsing around Turkey Run State Park. With the hiking up and down and the new trail blazing (my hiking partner lost the trail) I think I completed a great workout.

This week I made the first scheduled run - a short tempo run. I did it on the treadmill to hit the pace exactly. It was easier than expected. Tomorrow I will be doing Yoga. Yes, Yoga. I am one of the most inflexible people I know. I figure it won't hurt and it counts as cross training. Wish me luck with downward facing dog and sun salutations.

Fund raising is close to being on schedule. I have 11% raised, but no slowing down. I need to average $500 per week. Please spread the word or donate yourself. Remember it is tax deductible and for a good cause.

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Joanna said...

Hey, I left a shout-out for you in my blog post. Not today's, but Sunday's. Check it out. :)

And, welcome back to training!

Ewa said...

Good luck with yoga. It helped me a lot when I was training for JMT. So why am I not back in the yoga studio saluting the sun???

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ha, I don't feel so inflexible anymore!

Lisa said...

i've done yoga a few times over the past two weeks. each time, it reminds me just how uncoordinated I am...