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Indy Half Marathon

The Indy mini is Saturday. Yours truly will be there. Since I gave up running (for Lent, for injury, for, oh just because) two months ago. Yes, Running Doc, I have only run 3 days in March, 0 in April and yesterday. It will be tough. A PR does not look to be practical (2.04.26 - 2009) this year.

2009 was also the year I beat my son as well. With him serving our country proudly and in the best shape of his life, I do not ever see me beating him again. Love ya, Jake.

But I am trying to get back into. I ran yesterday. Mile repeats at 7.40 pace. Extremely fast for me for not running for 2 months. I need to ease back into as I have been told by my best running friend. As she told me - Above all, consistency seems to be key for you. You have a tendency to go out hard for three weeks. Even while it's physically possible, you're physically capable of it, it's too hard on the body to jump in. The body's response is to shut down and preserve for a bit, and the inconsistency sets in. Start out easy this time!  I replied - Consistency is the bane of my existence along with determination, fortitude and drive. Some day I will find a way around these debilitating factors of mine. Until then I rely on you, Hookers and others to continue to remind of what might be if only I had a heart.

And the Running Doc is correct. Like usual. Guess she deserves that PhD she has. :) I do start out tough, hard. Like gangbusters only to eventually fall flat. Deflated like a popped balloon. Not sure what it really is. Maybe I have some inner psychosis that refuses to be successful and not allow myself to become happy and achieve the greatness that resides in me. Not that I am great, but we all have a greatness in us, the ability to achieve that which we don't think we can.

My training plan is pretty simple - run. Run 3 days a week and make them good, quality timed runs. To that end I have adopted training from the FIRST program or Run Less, Run Faster. The training programs they have are all the same, just the times are different. With that here is my plan -

Here's to running consistently

- the beginning of the end

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Joanna said...

I hope I deserve that PhD! And I love being the best running friend. That's awesome stuff.

So, I LOVE that you're doing this, but LOOK AT THAT TRAINING PLAN. Dude, it's kind of out of control. Five 20-milers?!? And starting with 13? It's still too much. Check the long runs on my Cleveland schedule. You don't need 5x20m to PR.

Anonymous said...

Have a great race!