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Buffalo Trace 5 miler

May 21 was the annual Buffalo Trace 5 mile trail run. The last 2 years I have run this race in almost the same time. 47.36 in 2010 and 47.34 in 2009. I had hoped to at least run it in 47.30 this year. 

I was up early. The sky was gray and overcast with a bit of humidity. I drove out to catch up with the new fall TNT team. I met one of the new members and caught up with a few alumni as well. They would become my wonderful cheering crowd at 1.25 miles and 3.6. They were loud and boisterous and made me smile. 

But after a long, hilly, humid run I made it. And I completed it in a personal best. There is no official time yet posted, but my Garmin indicated a time just under 47 minutes. 

This just in - official results - my age group once again kicking ass with speedy times. 34.27 was the first 43 year old to cross, another 9 seconds later. But I DID PR. 

By 44 seconds. Not bad for all the walking I did. I should listen to all my running peeps and actually get out there and train. I might run this race well. I'll try for next year.

-the beginning of the end

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Joanna said...

No, no, none of this "I'll try for next year." How about, "This lights a fire under my ass for that marathon I just registered for." Go. Train. Run. PR!!

Damaris said...

I agree with Joanna. :) I just came across pics from last years race. Miss you, but hope to see you at LOW this Saturday morning!!