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Wed track practice

MB crushed the insertion of my bice - forget it, something wrong with her shoulder and can't run til Saturday. So Miss Speedy was not there. But alum CH and RH (no relation) did come out. CH is there all the time running early with some U of I sprinters. RH came out for his first run in nearly 5 weeks. This damn weather is making everyone sick.

Workout was simply - run 2 min fast and then 2 min slow - repeat 5 times. It was a killer. Running 2 minutes fast is anywhere from 800 -1000m. I like throwing timed runs out there like this. No one thinks about the distance. Add in the mile warm up and cool down and it is a good workout.

It was back to the office after practice to work on some .NET Framework issues. Woo hoo. What a party life I live. I know, you are all jealous. 

Had some bad news earlier in the day that I won't bore you with here. Let's just say the news is looking slightly better after a 4.30 am talk. We'll see. One day at a time. Hey, does anyone remember that show? Barbara (Valerie Bertinelli) was sooo hot. One_Day_at_a_Time 

I digress. Ok, I do that a lot. tonight I will be throwing 20 bales of straw around - not necessarily for exercise, but because I need it for the stalls. And working a the office to find out why a server with 16gb of memory only thinks it has 4.

Another round of talks tonight and I'll see where I stand in the big picture of life. Hopefully i'll be standing somewhere warm.

I have a group of runners competing in a 1000 mile challenge this year and I have been slacking sorely. I hope to get my numbers up. But kudoes to AM and DA for 127 and 117 miles so far for the year. Of course overachiever HJ with almost 350, but we won;t count him in. He's like our sixth guy and a mentor all of us wannabe runners.

-the beginning of the end

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TNTcoach Ken said...

That's why we have the challenge, so you won't slack off! Now is the time to put those miles in the bank before we get to the 'hot' months!