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Well once again the weather around here got the best of us for our group run on Saturday. Most spent 12 lonely miles on a treadmill. I spent the time cleaning house, picking up a friend at the airport and watching the green machine (MSU) lose the a very gritty Illinois team that probably played their best game of the year. Now I know Kalen Lucas was out, but a team usually rallies around injury and others step up - which Green did. Lucious wasn't quite as outstanding as he was in the first game against us, but proud the the Orange and blue for not folding at the end.

So Saturday night, watching the game with a friend and eating wings was great. This morning slightly different story. One of us has stomach problems and the other - let's just say other issues. Maybe we got some bad chicken. We both need it to pass as my Hooker's are having a Super Bowl party.

My team isn't in it this year (Steelers) so I told my Army son I would root for his Colts. Where/how he became a Colts fan is a mystery for CSI. 

So, since this is about training and I really haven't spoke about training yet... a little about avoiding it. Here goes for the week on what I hope to accomplish.

Core workout - I need to work the core. I bet most of us say that. So planks it is. 
     Straight plank, side plank, arm raised plank, leg raised plank, arm/leg raised plank

Running - 25 miles for the week. Saturday/Sunday long run of 10 -14 miles and 4 or 5 miles 4 days of the week. Then to start increasing weekly mileage to get up to 30 - 40 consistently. I am not a fast runner so running 6 miles several times a week is time consuming for me. I just hate to miss Smallville, 24 or Fringe. 

Upper body work - I am very week here. So this means pushups in the morning with the 100 pushup program (, some pullups, and maybe some P90X - it is a grueling workout. 

Based on that I should be dropping some fat weight, adding some muscle weight and getting lean and defined. Let's see what happens Monday.

-the beginning of the end

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Jen said...

I am doing P90X now. We are on week 1, day 5.

TNTcoach Ken said...

A lean mean running machine..... It's Monday so you're probably working out right now!

JPG05 said...

I hope you have logged some runs and just haven't put them on the 1000 Mile Challenge group site yet. Consider this my attempt to "kick your ass" to get you to run!

JoannaRuns said...
This comment has been removed by the author.