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I Run

Yes, I ran. I ran yesterday.

I felt good during and after.
My lungs burned. I am still fighting a cough (that I think I got from Disney). My legs did not fall off. My heart did not burst from my chest. My lungs did not explode.
I just ran.

Wednesday was time for TNT track practice. I had one member show up (thank you MB) and I got to see and run with an alum for a little bit.

Team Illinois in the 1000 mile challenge (with Michigan and Arizona) is not going so well. As a team we have 254 miles with me barely over 30 miles for the year. But fear not, I will increase. The treadmill is now in the house and not 50 meters away in the man cave. Hopefully, I can get going. I want to congratulate AM with almost 90 for the year.

That's it for now, but look out I may start doing more blogging. I have got up on my private journal, now working on the public one.

the beginning of the end

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Jen said...

I would love to read more about your triaing, so know that others are waiting to hear about you...