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Catch up - Bad blogger

I have been reading everyone blogs that I normally read and many, many others. Plus a bunch of running related sites. Plus working at work - I  know, what's up with that?

Anyway here is the rundown in bullet form
  • Last Friday night I went to Foellinger Auditorium at saw the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra. It was awesome. Instead of just Mozart or Brahms played as wrote, they jazzed things up with a Celtic flair. And they played originals with dancer and singers. It was a good time for me and girlfriend.
  • Marathon training last Saturday was well worth the drive to Chicago. Did you know parking meters there are 25 cents for 7 minutes. Damn!. So I risked it and did not get caught. Training - awesome, given a physical therapist. She used me as the class dummy and I have to say I did well. If she put her hand on my ass one more time I was going to make her buy me pizza. Afterall, I easy, not cheap. It was/is a great training for TNT. My understanding is Illinois may be the only state to train their coaches. 
  • Sunday - supposed to be my makeup long run. Guess what? Yay, no run. Did work around the house a little. Did my favorite thing and looked at open houses in the area. Just makes me thankful I have the place I do when I see these little patches of grass and houses not much bigger than mine for 400k. 
  • Wednesday was track practice. I had a different team member show up and come out. That was an awesome thing. I ran 3.5 miles at tempo. Last 2 weeks I had run at a 9:18 pace. This time I was doe to a 9:06 pace for 3.5 miles. Time to up the distance to at least 4 and see how I do. I may try that on Saturday. Run the short out and back twice in a low 9 pace. 
  • Last night my boyz came by the man-cave to watch our Fightin Illini have a game well under control to only go cold the last 5 minutes and let the other team win. We really need a finisher on this team. No one wants to step up and be the man on this team. I can't wait for next year with the man-boys we got coming in.
  • This Saturday - long run, up to 18 miles. I really, really need to get a long run in. I haven't done one since my marathon last June. The spring team is doing 18, so I will run with them for 5 and then run with my team for their 5 and hopefully get another 5 in after them. That's the plan.
Ok, you are caught up and I am caught up in all your blogs. Even stevens. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Bwaahaaa!!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing. This has been weighing on me tremendously lately. I am not a fast runner. I am not a good runner. But I really want to run Boston. I thought about cheating and fund raisiing my way in. But how would that make me feel. I want to earn it. I want to know that I deserve to be there. It means running a 3:30 qualifier. It means run 8 minute miles. 

I can run an 8 mile. I might be able to run 2.2 of them back to back. But what about the other 24. That is the issue. I believe this is why I have pushed my track practice so hard. It is working. If I pull a 4:30 or better in April, it might be game on. 

I know some of you are planty fast enough but how about others that are slow like me (4:55 PR). Do any of you have an inkling to do Boston? To attempt the pinnacle of American marathoning if not top of the world? I know if I did qualify then the pressure I would put on myself to do well in the race itself would be huge. Am I fantasizing too much? Afterall, I will be 46 next month, I was never a high school or college runner. I am just Joe Average Couch Potatoe reaching for a dream.

But this dream is starting to take over, starting to be an obession.

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Marlene said...

My only marathon (so far) was a 4:42...and yet, I do dream of running Boston one day maybe when I'm 60. :)

Good luck with the long run!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

My husband is an Illini fan (having graduated from there many years ago). He was in kind of a bad mood this morning, now I know why!

Carly said...

I have a dream of running Boston, but I will probably only get there being an old lady. At that point they would let me in on sympathy. Ha! I think you can do it.

Katie said...

What a great goal! It's good to push yourself, but training to that level I think would take a lot of time and patience. One of my friends ran her first marathon last year around 4:25 and she's training to qualify for boston this summer at around a 3:40. I'd like to think of it someday, but right now I'm just enjoying the running and pushing myself to at least beat my first marathon time.

Good luck!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Never give up on your dreams! Just keep plugging away at your training and make sure you're still enjoying it. Just keep getting older, the BQ time gets slower.

Ally said...

Honey, you can do anything you set your mind on to do. That also means listening to me when I'm trying to push your hiney out of bed on days you tell me you want to get out there running! :)

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

You can doo eet, bro'! Had a great time Thursday night...right up until the .4 second mark. You'd think I'd not be so emotionally attached as I get older and supposedly more mature.