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Guess what???

yea, track practice again.

Wednesday night
at the Armory
200 meter track

2 miles at a much faster pace
why? stupity.
But I held on to an 8:40 pace for 2 miles
not sure what else i ran because the TNT team showed up early
Armory was closing early due to high school track meet

i had the team run fartleks
so i ran with most everyone
pushed them
timed them
they hate me

now if i can put 24 more miles together at that pace i got a 3:47 marathon
not boston qualify but close
someday i will make boston my bitch

as the romans said - so  it was written, so it shall be done

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Rural Runner E said...

searching for that elusive Boston Qualifier myself....may have to wit until I am 50

Marlene said...

"someday i will make boston my bitch"

Great line! LOL!

Katie said...

Oooooo, you tell that Boston marathon who's boss!!

TNTcoach Ken said...

LOL..One day Boston will be your Bee-acth!

Ally said...

Time to update your peeps...You've been running your heart out all month and haven't bragged about it! Come on honey...get those fingers writing! If Boston is to be "it", then chart your progress so you can get the support all of these runners are so great at giving you...along with me.