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Beautiful day to run

Here in central Illinois it was a beautiful day to run. 

Winds were calm.
Temps in mid 60s
Humidity a little high
Great TNT runners
What more could I ask for? more energy in the legs maybe.

But overall, it was great. I ran good for the first leg with spring members (about 4.8m) next leg pretty good running with my team member (about 4.2m). Then ran a fast 1.2m with CH. He ran my pace but you know howyou always run harder when running a much faster partner (mile 11 at 9:42). And ran the last 4 miles off and on with another TNT member who is suffering from a quad problem. If you read this KS - GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!

Anyway, all in all 15.25 miles in 2hr 33min. My log says 2h43 but I am subtracting stopping time and doing coaching duties (water/gatorae/gels/beans) for my troops. That gives me a 10:02 pace. 

Which makes me right on target for 4:30 marathon. Not sure i could pull the last 11 miles off in just under 2 hours though. I was feeling it so bad I haad dry heaves towards the end. I think it was too many Powerade gel blasts and not enough fluid.

But I still have 32 days and 9 hours to go as I right this. Maybe 10 hours.Do those countdown widgets no that the clocks were moved up this weekend? 

Hey, RunnerSusan, if you are reading, can your sister answer that?

great run for me though. I was happy again.

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Marlene said...

Very nice job on the 15-miler!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Nicely done!!

Rural Runner E said...

Great run.
We had a beautiful day here in Missouri for running, as well.
Wish I had partners to run with....not many here in the middle of nowhere.