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Catch up

Running - very little since the Alaskan Marathon. Yea, I have run with TNT for some track workouts and a few Saturday long runs but nothing to really talk about.

I ran the final Wild Wilderness Trail run at Kickapoo park on the 28th of September. I ran under my goal of 90 minutes finishing in 84 minutes 58.8 seconds. Since our illustrious governor has decided to close Kickapoo Park (along with 10 others) running the last race out there was bittersweet. I really enjoy running out there.

I ran with TNT for their 20 miler. Actually I only ran about 12 miles. I ran with a few of them here and there. Cheered them on, poured drinks and just gave moral support. Next month I have the first meeting for the winter group that I will be mentoring. It will demand a lot of time but I am looking forward to it. I will be running with them as well in preparation for the inaugural Illinois marathon in Champaign-Urbana.

Time soon to get off my ass and start training and getting in shape. This time I intend to go full force in the training. That means 5 days of training - running and weight lifting. I am looking dorward to it and hope that this time I can do it.

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Ally said...

If you set your mind to it honey, I'm sure you will do great! I'm all about kicking you hiney out of bed on those mornings...tee hee!